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All frequently asked questions

Generalities :

They are made exclusively in our Saint Tropez workshop.

We have a single, unique boutique located in Saint Tropez at 18 rue Georges Clemenceau.  The workshop is adjoined with the boutique.

Please, we ask you to send us an email with some pictures. So we can see the problem and we can provide one pair more suitable.

Shoe Size :

The shoe size is inscribed on the sole’s interior to the right of the Rondini Saint Tropez logo.  For example, an 8 for a shoe size of 38, a 0 for a shoe size of 40, etcetera.  It is possible to have a diamond next to the number signifying a narrow foot.  It is also possible to have an F signifying a wide foot.

These measurements will allow you to verify if our standard sole will suit your feet.  We typically send sandals with a standard sole.  Correct measurements avoid disappointment and/or exchange.

We exclusively recommend the 3 following styles:  bikini, salomée and Bérénice.  With these styles, we can offer a specific sole and mail without any fitting/alterations.

Delivery :

If the sandals are in stock, they will be sent within 6 days.  If we must create them, they will be sent within an average of 10 days.  You may contact us directly if you wish for a short notice delivery. 

In France, mailing is provided by la Poste (French postal service), registered mail by colissimo with required signature upon delivery, for a cost of 10 euros a pair or 14 euros for two pairs.

For purchases exceeding 300 euros, free shipping is offered (Metropolitan France only).

Within the European Union (fedex): 12.39 euros a pair

Non-European Union Countries (not including sales tax)
USA: 11.14 euros a pair (fedex)
Canada: 11.14 euros a pair (fedex)
Hong-Kong: 20.20 euros a pair (fedex)
Australia: 20.20 euros a pair (fedex)
Japan: 20.20 euros a pair (fedex)
Singapore: 20.20 euros a pair (fedex)
Mexico: 20.20 euros a pair (fedex)
Brazil: 26.47 euros a pair (fedex)
Russia: 28.67 euros a pair (fedex/orders <200 euros not including sales tax)

All other destinations: please consult prices when ordering

Our only boutique and workshop are in Saint Tropez at rue Georges Clemenceau.  We have no distributor.

Repairs – Maintenance :

You can coat the straps and soles with a protective leather cream in order to nourish the leather.

You can coat the soles with a protective leather cream. To avoid damage to the lamé, we do not recommend use at the beach due to the sand.  Also, avoid anti-mosquito spray.

This is due to perspiration which burns the leather.  Unfortunately, nothing can be done aside from the use of protective leather cream.  Nonetheless, you can clean with a damp cloth dipped in diluted bleach (applied with precaution) to slightly lighten the leather.  Follow-up by nourishing the leather.

Before adding one, the soles must become more supple and diminish slightly in thickness.  Wear first for a couple of months.  Otherwise the soles will conserve their stiffness, the straps will be overused and will deform more rapidly.  Notice that the heel is rubber.

Initially, wear your sandals progressively so that the leather has time to stretch.  This progressive “breaking-in” of the sandal is crucial.  A slight tension in the strap is preferable.  The passage of a finger between the strap and the foot is a good tension.

With a flat foot, slid on by raising the different straps and by pulling the center toe strap.  When your foot has arrived at the seam, and only at this time, you can raise the heel strap.


We send our sandals in France and abroad.
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