Who can afford claiming, in Saint-tropez, that he or she has never heard about the well-known Sandales Tropeziennes, in Saint-Tropez ?

For 92 years, the Rondini Family has been making the legendary leather sandals, being Saint-Tropez first-ever sandal cobbler. Its hand made production, worlds apart from the shoe industrial production, manages to attract people and customers from various places in the world. Robustness and flexibility of the sandals, as well as sobriety and regularity of striped sandals, professionalism of the workshop, all this enables Rondini to be the one from whom the sandal is always coming...

les tropeziennes

It all started with Dominique Rondini in 1927, the year his son Serge was born, when he decided to embark upon the production of sandals, offering customers a unique design: the classic Tropezienne sandal, of course!

Serge grew up and decided to assist his father. No sooner said than done, he wanted to create other designs. First came the Bikini, then the Serpent, which he made for his wife Roseline, then the Saint-Pierre, the Capri, the Croisé, and so on...

In 1983, their son Alain made the decision to stay in Saint-Tropez and take up the torch... It's a beautiful profession and he likes the smell of leather as he arrives at the workshop in the morning, as well as meticulously crafting these beautiful sandals. His father was there to impart his knowledge of the trade and together they continued their journey, always in a good mood.

The business grew and they decided to take on some help. Today, a core group of a dozen people work to produce the company's sandals. After studying business, his nephew Xavier also joined the team. Today, he handles both production and online sales.

Just like in the beginning, they still have French leather soles that are oak-bark-tanned for 12 months, and a guarantee of strength, sturdiness and flexibility. Consistent quality enables us to meet the needs of those who trust us to the best of our ability.


The workshop was expanded two years ago, and is still attached to the shop. How could we do without it, if we want to do our job impeccably? Our team, made up of experienced craftsmen who love good-quality work, enables us to meet the needs of our customers as closely as possible! Need a repair, or an alteration to correct the tightness of your straps? Eric, Xavier or Sophie can take care of it! Georges manages the shop and creates fabulous window displays, Alison will help you choose the design that best suits you, and Christelle, Corinne and Imen work in the workshop arranging, sewing, gluing and assembling the products... so many steps to complete!

We really are lucky to have our production workshop close at hand!

Nevertheless, our customers do not always have the chance to stop by our workshop! Three years ago, with the support of the Montpellier communications agency Sweep, our website was launched! Every day, our customers are happy to receive a little piece of our Saint-Tropez craftsmanship at their homes around the world.

Today, with the help of Alain's daughters Clara, Anaïs and Pauline, we are diving into the world of social networks! And why not? Photos of the workshop and our team? Of the current window display? Of a new sandal design? Of our village? We are more and more "connected" with our customers, and it's pretty great!

For now, may the adventure continue!


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