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Today I would like to share with you my "love" for la Salomé; an iconic model of our workshop.

As for many of us, la Salomé remains my favourite model. It is feminine and elegantly highlights the foot.

Our largest choice of colours is available in this collection. Let me show you all just here.

Any preference ladies?

I've noticed that quite often our clients start by buying a pair of natural leather Salomé as their first model. And I understand them, natural leather will take on a patina over time and become even more beautiful, and it is a model that goes very well either during the day with jeans, or on an evening out, a little more dressy.

By the way, I'm thinking that today is the birthday of one of my best friends, Iris.. Three years ago, I offered her her first pair of Rondini; the Salome in natural leather. There's little chance you could go wrong with this gift idea! She loves them.

The Salome is also the model Kate Moss wears. I remember very well that day when she bought about eight/ten pairs ONLY of this model, in different colours; the Salome or nothing! I am adding this photo from last summer, with my dad, Alain, in the boutique. She likes to visit us! Here, she is wearing them in gold leather.

By the way, if you have just bought this model, don't hesitate to wear them little by little at the beginning, especially if you have a little sensitivity between the toes. With time, it will pass and they will become real slippers! If you're looking for a pair for walking, for example on the coastal path in St-Tropez, I advise you not to choose the Salomé, but rather a model like the Tropézienne or the Saint-Pierre.

What I also like about this model is the adjusting in the boutique. When you have found the model you like, we adjust it directly on your foot.. About this, if we have already adjusted your Salomés in the boutique and you now want to order them online, in order to receive the exact same adjustment, we need to know the "leather strap". To measure it, it's easy, all you need is your old pair of sandals and a tape measure (or a string and a ruler if you don't have one), then, come measure the collar (with the buckle included) to the most used hole. Here a video is needed: How to measure my Salomé leather stap?

The little extra of this model, in terms of manufacturing, is also that this model is available in our special sole (a slightly wider sole at the front of the foot).

Finally, for you gentlemen, this model also exists! See Salomé model for men

Please feel free to share your thoughts about the Salomé in a comment. Any questions??




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Comments (2)

    • Anastasia
    • 2021-01-25 14:43:36
    Je ne porte QUE des Salomés. Je les adore !!!! Merci pour votre savoir-faire. Une cliente de longue date
    • Catherine Lartigue
    • 2023-03-15 23:23:54
    I love my Salome sandals! I have a pair in the python and a pair in the black leather. Currently perusing the site because I’m wondering which sandals to get this summer! Another Bikini? Another Tropezienne? I think I may get another Salome! Cant wait till we come back!!!!