Here are the frequently asked questions, if your question is not displayed, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

General Questions

Where are your sandals made?

They are exclusively made in our workshop in the heart of Saint-Tropez (18-18bis rue Georges Clémenceau, in France), since 1927.

Where can I buy Rondini sandals?

You can buy our sandals in our unique boutique-workshop in Saint-Tropez (France) or online.

We do not work with distributors.

Measurement & Size

I already have Rondini sandals. Where is the size indicated?

The size is indicated on the insole, on the right of the "Rondini Saint-Tropez" logo. For example, 8 corresponds to a shoe size 38, 0 to a size 40, etc. There may also be other marks such as: a diamond (which means 'thin feet'), an F ('strong'), S (our special sole) or an L (made-to-measure).

I have never bought a pair of Rondini, how can I know which shoe size will be the right one for me?

When placing your order, you have the possibility to select "I would like to know my shoe size". Then, you just have to follow our guidance, step by step; this is the "tmeasurements part”. No worries, it is easy and quick (about 5 to 10min depending on the model of sandals). But please, beware that we don't talk about "real made-to-measure" sandals through our online website.

Why should I measure my feet?

Your measurements will allow us to better visualize the morphology of your feet. It will help us to know which size would be better for you, on which kind of soles, with which tightness (regular, thin or strong), etc. Taking your measurements will take a few minutes, indeed, but it increases your chances of avoiding disappointment and/or exchanges. So in the end you save time! But please, beware that we don't talk about "real made-to-measure" through our online website, as we do in the boutique in Saint-Tropez, when we adapt the straps directly on your feet.

I have wide feet. Which model do you recommend?

We recommend the following four models: The Bikini, the Salomé, the Bérénice and the Serpent. The straps of these models are "free" and can be adapted to all morphologies. In addition, those models are available in our special sole (wider at the front of the foot than the regular sole).

What is the difference between your standard and special sole?

In our women's collection we have two types of soles available; the standard sole and the special sole for wider feet. Indeed, our special sole is wider at the front of the foot than the standard one. There is a 10euros supplement for this special sole, and it is available for the following models: the Bikini, the Salomé, the Bérénice and the Serpent.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship in France and abroad.

What is the shipping time?

The shipping time is about 10 working days after placing your order. This time varies according to the manufacturing time (if the pair of sandals is not in stock) and the delivery time.

What is the shipping cost?

It depends on the country and the chosen postal company. To find out the shipping cost for your country, please click here: /link to delivery and return page/

I would like to receive my package before or after a certain date. Is that possible?

When placing your order, you have the possibility to write a message; do not hesitate to write about the date. We will do our best to respect the deadline.

Can I customize my pair of sandals with another leather than those available on your website?

We do not make our models in other colours than those displayed on our website.

Can we speak about ‘made-to-measure sandals’ through your website?

Unfortunately, on our website, it is impossible to make a real made-to-measure sandal as we do in our boutique in Saint-Tropez when we adapt the straps directly on your feet. Nevertheless, online, we are asking to take a few measurements, in order to get a little closer to reality. It helps us to know if you need a regular, thin or strong leather straps tightness. Taking your measurements increases your chances of receiving a more suitable pair of sandals.

Exchanges & Refunds

How do I know if my new pair of sandals is tight enough?

The passage of a finger between the strap and the foot is a good tension. At the beginning, you should wear them little by little to give the leather time to loosen up. A slight tension of the straps is preferable because the leather will loosen up later.

The size and/or the tightness of my sandals does not suit me, how should I proceed to make an exchange?

If the size does not fit, please send us some photos by e-mail of the pair of sandals being worn, in order to better visualise exactly what is wrong.

The cost of returning the item to our workshop is at the customer's expense, and the return of the new pair is at our expense. For more security, we advise you to send the package with a tracking number.

I have received my parcel, but I have changed my mind and I would like to exchange them for another model or colour. Is it possible?

Yes it is possible. Just note that in this situation, the shipping cost to our workshop, as well as the re-shipping cost, are at your expense. Please return the item to our workshop in Saint-Tropez (with a tracking number for more security). The item must be returned within 7 days upon receipt of the order, in the very same condition.

I would like a refund. How should I proceed?

If you are not satisfied and would prefer a refund, please return the item to our workshop in Saint-Tropez. The item must be returned within 7 days upon receipt of the order, in the very same condition. Please note that the return cost is at your expense. For more security, we advise you to send the package with a tracking number.

As soon as we have received the product, we will proceed to the refund (of the product's value) through the same payment method as the initial order. If it is by credit card, the amount will be credited to the card used for the purchase.

Maintenance & Repair

How do I take care of my pair of sandals in double tanned leather / box leather?

To ensure that the leather ages in the best conditions, we recommend a nourishing leather cream, such as Saphir universal cream. First of all, test it on a hidden area of your pair of sandals to check how the cream reacts to the leather. If the result is satisfactory, apply the cream evenly to all straps and even on the insole.

How do I take care of my pair of sandals in metalized kid leather sandals (gold, silver, etc)?

Metalized kid leather needs special attention. In order to keep its shiny aspect, you should avoid wearing it on the beach (metalized leather is not a good friend with sand). Also, avoid contact with creams, after-sun oils etc, as well as mosquito spray on this leather.

Concerning the insole, it is preferable to feed it from time to time to avoid cracking of the leather.

How do I care for my nubuck leather sandals?

Nubuck is a leather whose grain has been very finely sanded. Do not hesitate to waterproof the leather regularly to protect it. If the leather has been stained, you can use a foam cleaner for nubuck leather, sometimes also called "shampoo". It will be available at your cobbler's. Also, you can use a crepe brush to remove stains.

Concerning the insole, it is preferable to nourish it from time to time in order to avoid the cracking of the leather. If you perspire a lot, don't hesitate to do so even more regularly.

My pair of sandals needs to be repaired. How should I proceed?

If you need to have your pair of sandals repaired, please send us photos of the repair, as well as a visual of the entire pair to . We will let you know if the repair is possible, as well as the time and cost.

If you are in Saint-Tropez or its surroundings, do not hesitate to drop by the shop and let us examine your pair. We will let you know if the repair is possible, as well as the time and cost if there is one.


Are Rondini sandals "guaranteed for life"?

No, our sandals are not "guaranteed for life". With time and depending on their use, they will get damaged more or less quickly and this is normal. As long as it is possible, we follow up on our sandals’ repairs.

How can we prevent the insoles from blackening?

Perspiration burns the leather. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it other than applying a nourishing leather cream on the insole.

Should I add an anti-slip pad?

If you want to add an anti-slip pad on your pair of sandals, you have to wait until the sole is almost pierced to do so. You should therefore wait a few months/years of use, otherwise the sole will be heavy and will keep her stiffness. Hence, the straps will be more solicited and will deform faster. Finally, we advise our clients to check the condition of the straps before adding an anti-slip pad.

I would like to come to your boutique, and have the pair of sandals ready for me. Is it possible?

Yes it is possible; when ordering on our online website, you have the possibility to choose “in-store pickup” and collect the product(s) in our boutique-workshop in Saint-Tropez.

By message, when ordering, do not hesitate to let us know approximately when you would like to collect it and the name of the person who will come.

Please note that there is a 10 days delay between order taking and collection, this is the manufacturing time.

My sandals have a back strap. How do I put them on?

For models with a back strap, when putting them on, please do not pull on the back strap, but only on the straps at the front of the foot. Only when the foot is finally well positioned (with your toes at the end of the sole) you can slide the back strap over the heel.

Please note that the back strap of the Franciscaines Larges model should not be systematically unbuckled.

Can I wear my sandals when it is raining ?

Leather and water are not good friends, so try to avoid contact as much as possible. Unfortunately, there is no solution to remove water stains on leather.