Leather Care & Repair

Leather is a living material, it evolves over time.

Classified by type of leather, you will find in this section advice on how to take care of leather, so it ages in the best conditions.

Our leather care products can be found on this page.

We can answer positively to many repair requests of our sandals. We explain how to proceed just below.


Leather care

…. For your pair of metalized kid leather sandals (gold, silver, etc)

Metalized kid leather needs special attention. In order to keep its shiny aspect, you should avoid wearing it on the beach (metalized leather is not good friend with sand). Also, avoid contact with creams, after-sun oils etc, as well as mosquito spray on this leather.

The Sole

In order to prevent the leather from cracking, putting some nourishing leather cream on the insole from time to time is preferable. We recommend our nourishing leather cream, made in France and beeswax and jojoba oil based. If you perspire a lot, do not hesitate to do so even more regularly.

For a good winter leather care, you can also feed the outsole.

... For your pair of double tanned leather and box sandals

In our workshop, our double tanned and box leathers are only full-grain leathers, they will evolve with time (especially the natural leather, it will get on a patina), and this is normal, leather is a living material. In order to take care of the leather, so it can age in the best conditions, we advise our nourishing leather cream. Firstly, test it on a hidden area of your pair of sandals to check the reaction of the cream on the leather. If the result is satisfactory, apply the cream evenly to all straps, even on the inside of the straps if you have acid perspiration.

Models with a back strap

For models with a back strap, when putting them on, please do not pull on the backstrap, but only on the straps at the front of the foot. Only when the foot is finally well-positioned (with your toes at the end of the sole) you can slide the back strap over the heel.

Please note that the back strap of the Franciscaines Larges model should not be systematically unbuckled.

... For your pair of nubuck leather sandals

Nubuck is a leather whose grain has been very finely sanded. Do not hesitate to waterproof the leather regularly to protect it. Our waterproofer is available on our website, just here. If the leather has been stained, you can use a foam cleaner for nubuck leather, sometimes also called "shampoo". It will be available at your cobbler's. Also, you can use a crepe brush to remove stains.

Anti-slip pad

If you want to add an anti-slip pad to your pair of sandals, you have to wait until the sole is almost pierced to do so. You should therefore wait a few months/years of use, otherwise the sole will be heavy and will keep her stiffness. Hence, the straps will be more solicited and will deform faster. Finally, we advise our clients to check the condition of the straps before adding an anti-slip pad.

Note that the heel is made of rubber.

... For your Rondini cabas tote bag and belt

Our cabas tote bags and belts are made of our reference leather, the Suportlo from Degermann. It is a double tanned leather, oiled by pulverization in the tannery's drums, so please be careful in the early stages not to wear it with light and delicate materials.

For a good leather care, we recommend our nourishing leather cream, available on our website. Firstly, test it on a hidden area of the product to check the reaction of the cream on the leather. If the result is satisfactory, apply the cream evenly over the entire bag or belt. In addition, if you wish to waterproof it, be aware that this may prevent the natural patina of the leather.



As long as it is possible, we follow up on the repair of our sandals

In Saint-Tropez

Feel free to drop by the store to have your pair examined. We will let you know if the repair is possible, as well as the time and cost if there is one.

Boutique Rondini Saint-Tropez


If you need to have your pair of sandals repaired, please send us photos of the repair, as well as a visual of the entire pair to

We will let you know if the repair is possible, as well as the time and cost.

When sending your pair to our workshop, please add your contact details including your name, surname, postal address, e-mail address and telephone number to the package. Indeed, if we notice an additional repair, the cost can be modified and we may need to contact you afterwards.