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Friday May 3rd 2024

Atelier Rondini launchies a new range of products... leather goods. Discover our emblematic New Bag that comes with this New Era.

Have you ever noticed the small-edge stitching on our sandals? Since 1927, we've been using the same know-how, a guarantee of quality in the world of footwear, called Blake stitching. 

In his work on leather goods, Alain Rondini was inspired by our Blake stitching sole, which in a way represents the very identity of our sandals.

Indeed, his idea is to apply the same sandal-making process to the bottom of a bag. He first named this new bag “Sac Sandalette”, then “Le 38”®.

The sole used is a size 38.

A few details ...

Accompanied by Romane, our Maroquinière, Alain has decided to combine his two areas of expertise: sandals and leather goods. 

He wanted to adapt the design to the technicalities and methods of manufacturing, rather than the other way round. 

So he decided to work independently on the two parts of the bag: 

- The Bottom, the know-how of the Sandal

- The Body, the know-how of Leather Goods.

croquis rondini bag

We decided to go for this third prototype:


Registered Design by Atelier Rondini, “Le 38”®.

Alain Rondini looking at the new bag

Alain Rondini and the “Le 38® bag

This photo was taken at 15-17 Rue Georges Clemenceau 83990 Saint-Tropez,

the new Atelier boutique. We'll be talking about it very soon!


Let the adventure continue!

bags by the sea





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