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When you enter the shop on rue Clemenceau, you quickly feel it is not a typical boutique; there are machines' sounds, the hammer hits, the leather smell that even reaches the street and behind the glass door, there is the Atelier.

In the boutique, only one step separates you from the handicraft, gesture after gesture, of your pair of sandals


jolie photo rondini


Xavier Rondini's view of handmade sandals making:

"We want to keep the same craftsmanship as the past, the same solidity, the same resistance with time and for that, it is necessary that everything is controlled, done by hand, step by step, nail by nail, strap by strap. Everything is made of feeling, feeling the tension is important.

xavier rondini

Today, we have the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) label, which certifies our artisanal know-how. In addition, since 2008, Alain Rondini (my father) has received the title of Master Craftsman. Let me explain:

label maître artisan

The title of Maître Artisan - Alain Rondini

Reserved for qualified craftspeople, the Maître Artisan (Master Craftsman/woman) label is the highest distinction in the field of craftsmanship. It attests to the quality of the craftsman's know-how and a genuine commitment to promoting the handicraft. Master Craftspeople are often company directors who have developed their know-how and their activity for several years, and often trained apprentices.

In order to obtain it, very precise regulations must be met. Not surprisingly, the company must, for example, generate most of its income from the sale of products resulting from its own work.

Alain Rondini has held this qualification for some fifteen years now. The title of Maître Artisan is awarded by the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Crafts.

alain rondini


logo epv

Living Heritage Company label

Created in 2005, the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label distinguishes French companies with rare and traditional craft skills, often linked to art and culture.

Issued under the authority of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, the EPV label brings together proud ambassadors of French know-how.

The label aims to honour companies that stand out for "the rarity and excellence of their craft and technical know-how".

It is the only State label awarded to a company for its entire activity, and guarantees the excellence of its know-how. The EPV label is thus a source of pride for the companies awarded the label and a guarantee for consumers that they are buying products of excellence, made in France.

photo workshop rondini

The advantages of having an Atelier at the back of the shop are numerous. It allows us to adjust the pair of sandals to your foot shape: stretch the instep strap, tighten the Salome strap, cut a seamless sole, etc. It is hard to imagine our work without the Atelier just a step away, we simply could not offer such diligent work

As usual, I would like to end this article with some photos. Thank you very much for reading this article and don't hesitate to comment or like it if you liked it. 

See you soon...

clara in workshop rondini

Mornin in the Atelier, winter 2021

alain rondini cutting leather

Photo by Albane Noor for L'Express


Bikini laces, cut out by us





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