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Our sandals collection is largely composed of our classic models, which many of our long-time clientele would describe as "timeless". Often it's been decades since they were first created, but they're still very much in vogue. Of course, the fashion world is ever-changing. Therefore, a model that is popular in the 1960s may slow down and then pick up again in the 2010s, as was the case with the Serpent model and the Bande Coupée. The Égyptien seems to be slowly following the same trend today. It's interesting, the changing tastes of our clients in different eras or age ranges, those models that come back into fashion, and those that remain that way. We are thrilled to see that our models have been in our clients’ hearts for several generations, but that's no reason not to modernize with a few new creations!

Ladies, we are pleased to introduce our new models and colours. For you gentlemen, we have two new colours in the Sahariennes collection.

To see it all, click here.

Our new women's models online:

new models by the sea tropeziennes

Capri Boucle, Miss Clara, Templier Pouce and Rangi by the sea in Saint-Tropez.

Miss Clara 

Miss Clara Porté à gauche en blanc par clara

Miss Clara worn in white @Lilly of the Valley

New and exclusive this year, Miss Clara is not to be missed! Miss C. is a creation of my father, Alain. After several months of reflection, we are delighted to introduce it to you. I must say that some of you on Instagram have a keen eye for details... A few months ago, we posted a story where the model appeared, discreetly, during a shooting at the Atelier (see the next picture). You certainly didn't miss the new model; and since then, we've been getting more than a few messages asking "When is the new model coming out?" So finally ... here it is! 

photoshoot in saint-tropez workshop

Photoshoot @Atelier Rondini Saint-Tropez

Miss Clara is a thin and elegant model, which is adjustable at the instep thanks to its buckle. 

Capri Boucle et Croisé Boucle

In the ’40-50s, a very good client returning from her trip to Capri asked my grandfather, Serge, to make her a model that she had seen during her holidays. Just like that, the Capri was born. Shortly after, in a slightly different version, Serge designed the Croisé. For a long time, they were available exclusively in our boutique-workshop but we decided to bring those classic models online. The specificity of these models is the sliding strap that surrounds the ankle, and also the forefoot. It's an easy-to-fit, casual (but still chic) model, perfect for your sunny days. 

capri black front viewview on the side capri in black

Capri Boucle in black leather 


A single strap wraps around your foot with elegance and originality. The Rangi is an innovative design, with caractère! Can you guess where Alain Rondini got the inspiration for his name?

rangi frontprofile rangi python leather

Rangi in python leather (also available in natural leather)

in saint-tropez our new sandals

new models rondini

Popi Pouce / Templier Pouce

This new version of our Popi and Templier models has an even more rocking style. 

Popi Pouce in black front viewPopi Pouce side view

Popi Pouce in black leather (also available in natural)

Our new 2021 colours

For you Ladies, Égyptien and Hindou models are now available in python. A pair of sandals without a backstrap, easy to put on, now available in our authentic python leather which adds this côté chic yet casual!

égyptien python leather on a rock by the seaÉgyptien in real python leather @Cap Taillat

three new colors on the beach

Bande Coupée in a pink beige grained leather, Égyptien and Hindou in real python leather @Cap Taillat

In the same type of model without a backstrap, the Bande Coupée is also getting a new look with a pretty pinkish beige box grained leather. We also rediscovered, after a few years, our silky and flashy nubuck leather in a fuchsia tone.

Let's talk about our most popular model online; the Bikini! For those of you who want to add a little more colour to the collection, we've made it for you in this vibrant orange. You can click here for more details. We have also extended our 'metalized leather' line, with a warm brown colour with golden shades. This is our bronze leather

bikini by sea in bronze

Bikini in bronze leather @Cap Taillat

Finally, we've added a flashy yellow leather box to the Salomé line, and we also have a new emerald green leather on our website.


For you gentlemen, find out more about Sahariennes Fines in real python leather and Sahariennes Unies in white leather here. 

sahariennes fines rondini python

We hope you will find what you are looking for in our new designs and styles. Which model do you like the most?

For my part, I especially like the Égyptien in python leather and the Miss Clara model in white.

If you have any questions about a model, about our online sales conditions, etc...

We remain at your disposal, please do not hesitate. :) 

Clara R

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