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Hi everyone!

For this new 2023 season, we wanted to relaunch the #MyRondiniCollection concept that we created in 2020, but this time with giveaways!

What do you have to do? Take a photo of your Rondini collection (whether you've had a pair for 8 years or 4 pairs or 8...). The aim of the game is to create a pretty display of your collection as shown in the photo here.

In order to take part, it's very simple, just send us your photo to with your surname, first name and the location of the photo.

You can send us your photo up to and including 14 July.

The jury will be made up of the entire Rondini team (craftsmen, sales advisers, after-sales service, etc.). Together, we will decide on our three favourite photos via a vote.

The winning prizes :

1/ A pair of sandals to choose from: the Bikini, the Salomé, the Serpent or the Bérénice for the grand prize winner.

2/ A card holder for the second favourite photo from the Atelier.

3/ A leather bracelet

** fat leather/box/nubuck/varnished for the prizes **

The winners will be contacted by e-mail at the end of July!

Don't hesitate to ask us your questions by e-mail or by messages on instagram/Facebook! Have a great weekend!





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