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Discover the long-awaited results of our #MyRondiniCollection photo game in this article...

Our jury, made up of the Rondini team, is delighted to announce the winners...

- Lot number 3 (triple tour bracelet - new for 2023) is won by @indecisemaryse - a big well done to Maryse! An elegant photo of Provence.

- Our prize number 2, a pretty card holder made from our benchmark leather, was won by @edna112233! The Jury particularly liked finding models dating back 35 years and for the spontaneous idea of our creation date. Well done to Nancy and Édouard!


- And finally... We're delighted to announce the overall winner: @gegeloli_lino! Well done to Géraldine and her husband. The photo was taken in Marseille. The team loved the romanticism of the photo, the quality and the attention to detail... Well done again!

romantic picture with rondini sandals

A huge thank you to all of you for taking part! We never thought we'd receive so many photos.

This game was a way for us to thank you for your unfailing loyalty over the past 35 years, and also for those of you who are just starting out...

A big thank you also to our jury. We had a great time discovering your collections, your essentials, your favourite pair... It was even moving at times! #TeamRondini

But it was also a difficult choice... As here, for Johanna, Dominique and Patryc in the middle of their reflection...

jury rondini voting

Everyone voted according to their own sensibility.

We'll be sharing some of your collections over time on our networks. #staytuned

See you soon for another game!





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