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Rondini decides to pick up the pen!

And why not? More and more, we feel this need to communicate with you, whether you are a very loyal customer, or you just found out about our little world.

I’m Clara, and I am part of the 4th generation of this beautiful family story. For six years now, I have been enjoying sharing with you on social media. A real delight! Far from having done my studies in communication or marketing or whatever, it is very natural how I found myself to be (or trying to be) a photographer, a writer and a blogger, all through the love of communicating with you and helping you discover a little more of our world every day.

Before starting to share with you on different topics on this new website section, "Clara's Notebook", we would like to thank you wholeheartedly for your interest in our products. Sometimes, our sandals have been dressing the feet of your families for several generations, and that simply make us so happy.... I like to think that Rondini is a family story, for us, but also for you, our amazing customers. 

In the boutique sometimes, while serving you (taking your measurements, advising, adjusting the leather strips to make the pair YOUR OWN, etc), I have realized that often my grandma, Roseline, has done exactly the same with your grandparents, or my dad, Alain, with your parents… Things that remain the same while the time passes; I find it beautiful. 

By wearing your elegant sandals, all brand new or embellished by the passing of time, you are shining on the tropezian cobblestones, the parisian boulevards, the beautiful and exotic beaches, the huge London parks and everywhere on earth… Please feel free to share your pictures across the world, by tagging #rondini !

Clara Rondini




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    • Iris
    • 2020-12-18 12:39:03
    Magnifique nouveau site ! Sandales incroyables, service de qualité, qui nous fait nous sentir unique