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After a little while without news, I'm back to take you on a trip to the other side of the planet.

My partner and I went to the east coast of Australia, obviously in Rondini. We took the opportunity to take some pictures of our models:

- Sahariennes Fines and Saint-Pierre in natural double tanned leather for him.

- For myself, my favourite black and chamois nubuck leather Tropéziennes, a new pair of golden Plaka and black Sahariennes Fines for the beach (how old are they? 8? 10 years?)

It was a difficult choice when you travel for six months with only one suitcase...



We landed in Sydney at the beginning of February. It's summer here; the city is vast and luxuriant, the sea water is crystal clear... The sand at Bronte Beach was very similar to the one at Les Salins back home. There is a very chill atmosphere. Australians are early birds; sports, jogging and surfing sessions start at 5.30/6am.

Bondi Beach is a bit like the front shop window of Australia, and it's easy to understand why:

4 photos of bondi beach colorful

Bondi Icebergs Pool


bondi markets sunny and colorful

Bondi Market on Sunday morning


A few steps from Bondi Beach, Tamarama Beach is also well worth visiting, more discreet and wild:

tamarama beach, tropeziennes in black

Tropéziennes in black nubuck


Balmain, SYDNEY

Now we are heading to Balmain, a neighborhood on the west side of the city centre, with Victorian houses. For a Friday night out, I put on my pair of golden Plaka. Most Australian women are all dressed up when they go out, lots of sparkles, long dresses, they're into it, it's cool! The party starts at about 4pm. If you arrive at a pub/bar around 7.30 pm, the evening is already well underway. It takes a little time to get used to it!

Balmain flat, Clara is wearing plaka in gold leather

Golden Plaka



After Sydney, we went to Brisbane, also called Brissie by the locals. It is the third largest city in Australia in terms of population. What we really like about this destination is the 283 days of sunshine per year, the Sunshine Coast in the north and the Gold Coast in the south. A great combination of outdoor activities. 

Brisbane is also full of arts, culture and dining experiences. 

In 2032, the city will host the Summer Olympics.

story bridge and sandals rondini

My sandals and Romain's Saint-Pierre



A real "coup de coeur"! Byron Bay is a coastal town of 10,000 inhabitants, with a very special, relaxed atmosphere. We loved the Local Market on Thursday mornings, the walk around the Lighthouse (you might see dolphins), the Folk Café, chatting with the locals.

byron bay pictures rondini

Sahariennes Fines for men


Carlo Sandblow, SUNSHINE COAST

We did a road trip from Byron Bay to Airlie Beach in North Queensland. A great experience, quite intense. On the way back we passed Carlo Sandblow, a 15 hectare sand dune. It looks a bit like the Pilat dunes, doesn't it?

Carlo sandblow

Romain is wearing its Sahariennes Fines / Here the belt I wear over my jean shorts


To end this Photo Diary in Australia, I invite you to a boat cruise in the Whitesundays... Photos below ;-)

I hope this article has made you travel. Feel free to add your questions, recommendations or other comments below. I'll be happy to hear from you!

And as the Australians would say... "Take care mate!"


east coast

boat cruise

australia photo

Clara Rondini

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