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A few days ago on Instagram, we did a survey to find out which article topic would interest you the most... 47% of you would like us to discuss "Which model for which foot shape?". Ordering a pair of sandals on the internet is not an easy task, we may be worried about receiving a pair that doesn't fit, or that we might have to exchange etc. Let's be honest, it can be time consuming and annoying! (and how my father often says: "it's not very environmentally friendly!")

Our aim at Rondini is to limit this inconvenience as much as possible. This is the reason why we offer different fitting options on our website. Ordering with the option "I would like to know my shoe size" for a first purchase will increase your chances of receiving a pair that will better fit the shape of your foot. In the same spirit, according to the shape of your feet, we will give you in this article the right models to choose:

I have slim / very slim feet

If you have slender feet, you won't have much difficulty choosing the right pair of sandals. In general, our models are either adjustable or available in a "thin feet" fitting. If you have really thin feet, here are the models we recommend: the Serpent, the Bikini, the Salomé and Bérénice as explained above, the Tanit, as well as in our 2021 new collection: the Miss Clara, the Croisé Boucle and the Capri Boucle.

I have “robust” feet

By “robust”, I mean feet with a fairly large volume. As in our boutique-workshop in Saint-Tropez, we offer a “robust” tightening on our website. This fitting is available for almost all models, so even if you find your feet a bit large in terms of volume, don't hesitate to give a try online! If your feet are particularly “robust”, here is the list of models we recommend:

The Sahariennes Family

- Capri Boucle, Croisé Boucle (new in 2021)

- As explained below: Bikini, Salomé, BéréniceSerpent

I have wide and "robust" feet

We certainly have what you need, even when ordering online. When choosing the option "I would like to know my shoe size", if the shape of your foot is rather large, our measuring tool will inform you that you need a wider sole. This article will give you more information on the differences between our two soles in our women's collection. If your feet are “robust” and wide, here is the list of models we invite you to consult: Bikini, Salomé, Bérénice and Serpent.

I have a hallux valgus

The hallux valgus (or bunion) is a more or less pronounced bump near the big toe. The Sahariennes 2M, the Sahariennes Fines, the Pyrée and the Seychelles model with its rubber sole are well adapted to this type of morphology; the strap does not pass over the hallux, frees it and avoids friction. If you prefer to cover/hide the hallux valgus, without compressing it, the Sahariennes Unies will be the most comfortable model, thanks to its soft and unlined leather. The Tropéziennes, our best-known model, will also be well appreciated for this type of morphology. In its version with four straps (in natural and grey), the hallux valgus is positioned between the two front straps and does not cause irritation. Finally, we also recommend our four iconic models with free straps (Bikini, Salomé, Bérénice and Serpent).

I have high arched feet

Then there is no doubt that the Saint-Raphaël model is made for you. Its design allows the instep adjustment thanks to its asymmetrical strap and buckle. The Saint-Raphaël is an elegant and particularly aesthetic model on arched feet, just like the Salomé, the Plaka and the Bérénice!

The "no stress" models on the internet :

The Serpent and all morphologies; no hesitation for an online purchase!serpent worn beautifully with a pair of jeans rondini

credits: @morjoleinmos on IG

The model that suits ALL morphologies, whether you have really thin or wide feet, is the Serpent model. A single strap elegantly wraps around your foot. In the boutique-workshop in Saint-Tropez, we position your foot correctly on the sole, place the leather strap as close as possible to the foot, and then perforate the leather so it perfectly adapts to the foot’s shape. In line with this same approach, we are going to ask you to take two measurements online: the front and the instep, and depending on those, we will make the holes in the right place in the leather. The little + for you ladies is the fact that this model is available in our special sole, in case your feet are more likely to be wide (see the difference between our two soles in the women's collection).

The Bikini, a model with free straps.

BIKINI by the swimming pool in silver rondini

credits: @gegeloli_lino on IG

This is another model for men and women that will be easy to order online without too much worry. The laces of the Bikini will follow the shape of your feet (no matter what form they have) and simply be tied at the ankle (just this way). Whether your feet are wide, slender, flat, short or long, the Bikini remains a safe choice. It is also available in the special sole.

The elegant Salomé and the Bérénice

Salomé in gold by the swimming pool rondini

The Salomé and Bérénice models are also easily adjustable thanks to their ankle straps and the possibility of ordering the model in our two different soles.

I hope you find this information useful. If you still have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to post a comment! I will be happy to assist you. So, are you going to go for a pair this year? ;-)



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Comments (2)

    • Vaea
    • 2021-07-29 23:16:12
    Bonjour, tous mes remerciement pour votre site internet et la qualité de vos sandales que je me plaît à porter depuis plus de 10 ans. Je suis une inconditionnelle des Saint Raphaël ( que j'avais pu essayer sur le modèle d'une amie) et vivant à Montpellier, je n'ai pas l'occasion d'essayer d'autres modèles. Les photos où l'on voit les sandales portées dans votre rubrique : quelle sandale pour quelle morphologie, est une excellente idée. Serait-il possible de l'élargir avec des photos de chaque modèle porté ? Un très bel été à vous famille Rondini !
    • Clara Rondini
    • 2021-07-30 16:17:16
    Chère Madame, un grand merci d'avoir pris le temps de nous écrire ici ! C'est très gentil de votre part. Merci beaucoup. Je note dans mon agenda votre bonne idée pour les photos des modèles portés ! Un bel été à vous et peut-être à bientôt en boutique :) Clara