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In spite of this very special year, at Rondini, we wanted to bring freshness and novelty to our little world. Do you need to refresh your mind? A bit of dynamic energy? Well, so do we! It goes through the new design of our website, which is more modern and sober. But also a new integrated measuring system and this “Notebook”! We have even more surprises for the 2021 season, with new models and colours. But one thing after another, let me tell you about our new online website.

Since 2014, with the help of our communication agency, Sweep, you can order online. No more need to write a letter to our workshop to order your pair of sandals (even if you can certainly guess, we still like this concept! ...yes, that's our forever old fashion side). After the last six years, we wanted to redesign our website, but also to make it more intuitive. An elegant, modern and fresh design, that's what we've been working on. And we hope you like the result! By the way, don't hesitate to share your opinion below.

Clara's Notebook

In the line of social media, we would like to be even more in connection with you. Instagram format does not easily adapt to long content, and sometimes, we feel like sharing a little more than a few words in story. As I have enjoyed communicating with you for the last six years through our Instagram page, I thought that a blog would enable us to exchange even more! In the introducing article "Rondini decides to take up the pen!", I explain the spirit a little more deeply. On the Notebook, I will regularly post on Atelier's novelties, but also extra information about our products, our know-how, everyday stories, etc...

Let's start by mentioning our new online shop and its great integrated measuring system. It has been a long work for us and we are proud to present it to you today.

clara is taking pictures in the workshop for the website

But what is an integrated measuring system?

If you have ever been in our boutique-workshop, you have surely understood how important it is for us that your sandals are perfectly well-fitted. This is one of the main reasons why we don’t work with other distributors; by selling our products ourselves, we can be sure of the quality of our service. We even feel a little fortunate; the Workshop at the back of the boutique allows us to offer perfect custom-made sandals for you. For this very reason we have decided to integrate a measuring system into our new online website. Even if we cannot offer a real made-to-measure on the internet, like in the shop when we adjust the straps directly on your feet, we have done our utmost to get as close as possible to it.

You now have the opportunity to order your very first pair of Rondini, from all over the world, without knowing your shoe size with us, simply by following our easy guidance. Indeed, by choosing the "I would like to know my size" button, you increase your chances of receiving a pair of sandals adapted to your feet’ morphology, thanks to our different fittings. We do ask for a little of your time (5 to 10 min), it's true, but it's worth it.

To explain a little better, there is a first step, where we invite you to make the outlines of your feet. Thanks to these drawings and the resulting measurements, we will advise you on the most suitable sole. Then, depending on the chosen model, we ask you for some measurements. They are explained one after another, using different supports: an easy explanation with diagrams, or a quick and colourful video. Of course, we remain available by telephone or e-mail to answer your questions if necessary.

If you need a little preview before you start, I invite you to take a look at these articles in the Notebook :

"I already have Rondini sandals"

Unfortunately, this summer, we were unable to meet some of you at the boutique. Nevertheless, we have seen many pictures on Instagram of your package which arrived straight from our workshop - "From Saint-Tropez to Home". Even though a screen cannot replace the experience we have in the shop with you, we were delighted to see you have well received your pairs of sandals.

About this, we have a new feature on our website that should please our regular clients; the new button "I already have Rondini". It's very simple, when ordering, you select a model that you already have, and depending on this model and the one you want, our system will ask you for the missing measurement(s) that we need to know at the workshop, in order to send you a suitable pair. And sometimes, no measurement will be requested because we already know everything… easy!

No time to take your measurements?

You can also order "without taking measurement". All you have to do is select the product, the colour and your size. We will send you the model in our regular fitting. This is the fastest option.

"What’s the place for craftsmanship in an increasingly digitalised world?”

This is the problematic students from EM Lyon offered during a webinar in which we had the pleasure of participating as speakers. This is a real challenge for us at Rondini. E-commerce continues its growth, pushed by the current health crisis, the world is changing and becoming digital... Our objective is to keep our Tropezian know-how of master craftsmen/women, while remaining in line with the time we live in. This new online website is part of this challenge, so we hope you'll like it and that you'll still have the feeling that you're with us in the boutique, despite the km and the screen.

I look forward reading your comments!



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Comments (2)

    • Assya
    • 2020-12-18 23:50:36
    Le nouveau site est très agréable à regarder et Le Carnet est une super initiative ! Bravo la team Rondini
    • Une cliente à Berlin
    • 2021-01-09 17:50:57
    ravie de ce nouveau site! Et ravie également - depuis 20 ans - de mes sandales Rondini, de la toute première paire, mes 'vraies' Tropéziennes, à mon dernier chouchou, les 'Serpent'. Merci pour votre magnifique savoir-faire.