Clara's Notebook

Ordering a pair of sandals online may seem a bit tricky... At Rondini, we do our utmost to ensure that when you receive your package, you will be satisfied. In this article, I invite you to look at a selection of models, depending on your foot shape. 


We are very pleased to see that you have been enjoying our models for several generations. But that's no reason not to modernise with a few new designs and colours!

We are glad to present seven new models and some new colours in our collection. 


In spite of this very special year, at Rondini, we wanted to bring freshness and novelty to our little world. Do you need to refresh your mind? A bit of dynamic energy? Well, so do we! It goes through the new design of our website, which is more modern and sober, a new logo, a new integrated measuring system and the “Notebook”!


And why not? More and more, we feel this need to communicate with you, whether you are a very loyal customer, or you just found out about our little world.